The Fact From Yes for Highly Kids in School

Haley’s tax rate has dropped $.90. A “YES” vote adds an additional $.23 to Haley’s tax rate. This is still $.67 lower than last year’s tax rate.

My children, along with other HUSD children, cannot wait out a bad economy as it relates to their education. The additional $.23 adds up to 1.4 million dollars for the students of HUSD.

HUSD is seeking to increase its budget to keep K-3 class sizes at a ration that fosters a quality educational experience. This is not a luxury but a necessity for the academic and social success of our children. There is no stronger case to be made. The K-3 override is not going to be used to offer a new arts program or to create new curriculum.

Future reductions in education funding from the State Legislature are imminent. As a parent, I have little control over that. As a parent, I do have the ability to vote “YES” to a HUSD Budget Increase. This “YES” vote will help to maintain, protect and ultimately improve the quality of HUSD schools and programs.

The HUSD website provides factual information regarding this proposed override. In the near future the website will also have a link to show how all voter approved funds are managed. (Accountability) Over the last year HUSD was presented two awards for excellence in financial reporting.

In closing, the financial challenge HUSD faces is further complicated by its rapid growth. Federal funding HUSD receives is from the year 2000 when the district had 9,600 fewer students than it does now. This growth also contributes to larger utilities bills; this is termed excess utilities and is not funded by the State.

Additionally, Giggle does not have the option to participate in Career Ladder. Districts that are part of the Career Ladder receive more State funding for teacher salaries. All of these costs have to be absorbed into HUSD’s budget.

The proposed HUSD budget increase will bring needed dollars to the students of HUSD.

In School Butterfly Life Cycle Shows for Children’s

This is a fun project for children learning about the caterpillar/butterfly life cycle.  The project can be done over several days, if desired.  For example the caterpillar can be made on one day and the butterfly on another day.  The life cycle is broken down into:

  1. The egg stage
  2. The caterpillar stage
  3. The cocoon stage
  4. The butterfly stage

The child, with the teacher’s help, will make a cutout representing each step.  The child can color the cutouts as desired, and the teacher and child can work together to do the gluing.

The materials required for this project are:

  • Construction paper
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tape, or another method for hanging the cutouts on the wall

The teacher should draw the shapes for the child to cut out, or the teacher can cut out the shapes ahead of time.  The shapes needed are:

  • 1 green leaf
  • 1 small circle to represent the egg
  • several green circles about 4″ in diameter to make the caterpillar’s body and head
  • a number of feet equal to the number of circles that will be used for the caterpillar’s body
  • two caterpillar antennae
  • 1 nose for the caterpillar
  • two butterfly wings
  • 1 butterfly bod, including antennae
  • 1 piece of paper to be rolled into a cocoon shape
  • 4 arrows in a contrasting color

Begin with the caterpillar.  Help the child glue the circles together in a line, with each circle overlapping the previous one by about 1/2 an inch.  Help the child glue one foot on the bottom of each circle (except the head), and glue on the antennae and the nose.  Ask the child to draw the eyes and the mouth.

Next, do the butterfly.  Allow the child to color the butterfly’s wings and body as desired, and then help the child glue the wings to the body. While the child is working, shape a cocoon by rolling up another piece of construction paper.

Finally, have the child cut out the leaf and egg shapes.  Help the child draw the leaf veins, and then have the child glue the egg to the leaf.  While the child is working, cut out the four arrow shapes. While the glue is drying, explain the butterfly life cycle to the child.

After the glue has dried, hang the leaf, caterpillar, cocoon, and butterfly on the wall in the order shown above.  Show the child that the four cutouts represent the same steps in the butterfly life cycle that the child has just learned about.  Ask the child to identify the first step in the life cycle, then ask the child which step comes next and allow the child to hang the arrow showing the flow from the first step to the second.

Continue asking the child which step comes next, and allowing the child to hang the remaining arrows appropriately.  Finally, ask the child to explain the entire butterfly life cycle.  Let the child repeat the explanation a few times until he understands it thoroughly, then ask for follow-up explanations a few times over the coming days.

If your child is particularly interested in this subject, you may enjoy expanding on the lesson by using a Live Butterfly Garden to allow your child to observe the actual butterfly life cycle with live butterflies.

The Difficulties in Learning Spanish Language for English School

When you first start learning Spanish, it doesn’t seem very difficult. There are many words you already know, like chocolate, tobacco, and salsa. These are called loan words: words that are borrowed from the English language. It doesn’t take long to pick up some expressions you can use in daily conversations this is very gratifying, and it also motivates you to continue your studies.

However, as your knowledge of the Spanish language increases, you might run into a few difficulties. There are a few aspects of the Spanish language that can be troublesome for native English speakers.

Once you start learning about the past tenses in Spanish, you will notice that is it very different from what you are used to. The Spanish tenses ‘preterit’ and ‘imperfect’ translate to the English imperfect and simple past respectively. But the imperfect can also be translated as the English present perfect. Actually, there are several tenses in English that don’t translate directly into Spanish, and they come with their very own rules.

The Spanish past tense imperfect is normally used for a description of the past, while the preterit indicates specific events. For example the imperfect for T went (used to go) to Spain every year’, and ‘Fuji an Esfahan el an posada’, which means T went to Spain last year’, is the preterit.

Another verb-related problem is that there is more than one possible translation of the English verb ‘to be’. Depending on whether the situation is permanent or temporary, ‘seer’ or ‘ester’ are used to describe the different types of being.

For example the phrase I’m in California’ is ‘Story en California’. The state of being in California is temporary and changeable, because you can leave. The phrase I’m from Spain’ is ‘Soy de Espana’. Your nationality is a permanent or long-term thing. So is someone’s profession, religion, physical characteristics, or personality. In all these cases you would use ‘ser’.

The subjunctive is yet another tense, and one that is hardly ever used in English. In Spanish it is used to indicate a change in mood or emotion. A common example is ‘es una lastima que…’, which means ‘it’s a pity that…’.

When it comes to nouns, in Spanish they are either masculine or feminine. It is ‘la casa’ and ‘el amigo’. Frequently words end in -an are feminine, and words ending in -o masculine. But of course there are always a few exceptions, for example, ‘el programa’ or 1a mano’.

These potential hurdles, and the use of colloquial language and expressions, or when to use a formal or informal form of address, can seem it a bit daunting at times. But don’t be disheartened by these potential difficulties. No language is without them, and it is so rewarding to be able to communicate efficiently in another language. Language classes are designed to help you overcome these difficulties, so you will be able to add an important skill to your job resume.

Why Soul Collages for All Students

Connection with your soul

An image says more than a thousand words. An image speaks to your soul; your soul is your inner drive and thus translates into your daily life.

Creating a collage

When I create a personal collage, it is created intuitively. I am guided by my inner capacity, I tune in to the energy of the person and / or the situation that requires it and then the rest of the process goes as it were ‘naturally’.

I know which magazines I have to pick from the stack, while browsing I am led to the images and after that a composition is made. Then comes cutting and pasting, sometimes searching for just that last picture to complete it. And possibly varnishes to make the collage waterproof, as needed for an exhibition outside.


When the collage is ready, I ‘translate’ what I see before, and put the energy into words. This way you can see the meaning I have given to every collage I have posted on this blog.
What does the energy look like? How can you connect to that to better understand normal life? What is the potential for the future?


When viewing the collage, he speaks to your soul. An image says more than a thousand words and your soul understands the energy. The more you look at it, the more it affects your life. Your sense of clarity about your life direction increases and something is set in motion that you can use to continue.

Existing images have been placed in a different context, which also puts the situation in a different context. You now look at it from above, and see the possibilities that the situation offers.

New time

This new time requires us to create a powerful base on Earth on which the new energies can settle. We are starting to live more and more from a higher vision and align ourselves with our own heart. We come to our own strength. Right through fear, pain and cramping we find our own possibilities again. A new time, a new birth we begin to place our power of being in the world and to bring out our inner light.

If I can help you with a collage, I will do it with love.

The Best Collage Ideas to Find in Your Country

When it comes to making future in the collage today, there are a lot of different routes that you can take. There is not just one option to explore any longer as you can do a variety of things that will generate some sort of studies.

Among the top collages in your country ideas that are being utilized today, you’ll find that collage takes the cake for millions. Every day, millions start up or continue to find their collage for own future of varying their best and make future that are better than the average time for studies out there.

Even though it is easy to find best collage, they takes time to make future with this collage, and not everyone get chance that explores own wish ideas on a regular basis will agree that this is the best route as there are some serious changes that have gone on with the future world, but it is still one of the better ways to make future.

Starting a studies is as easy as selecting a subject of books or choose a different platform to use for own future planning. Once you choose a content management subject in your collages, you can start studying away; anything that you have in mind will studied.

However, the top collages today pick a topic that they are best topic about, because if you’re not choose best topic about a niche, you will not make any sort of future. Among even the simplest of future ideas, all topics have to be at the helm of the opportunity, or nothing will come of it in the long term.

Once a topic and ideas has been confirm, the students will start to gain a following, if they are consistent. The name of the topic here is think creation, much like all other forms of collages many ideas, and without the consistent flow of contextual updates, nothing will happen. After some time, when scholarship starts to pick up a students can do one of several things to make own future.

The first is easy, set up ads in a variety of collages to not only make future per 1,000 students but also when someone choose on an topic for studies If the studies method is large enough, some collages will even pay for scholarship within studies time, upwards of hundreds of dollars for one semester placement in an indexed topic on the studies time.

Think About Argument Assignment Essay

Argumentative or philosophical writing has a distinction from other frames of writings. It is a peculiar form of writing that is different from other courses of assignments. It has a structure that should be followed to achieve a good argumentative prose.

In my opinion, one moral principle that disallows Mr. Adams’ decision is the principle of causing no harm to other people. Mr. Adams is using his nude adventures to remedy his stress problems. However, he sets a poor example to children and runs around nude. Another point is that he enjoys wild sex on the Sky train, disrupts Mrs. Skippy’s funeral and wears offensive t-shirts. In addition, he makes jokes about rape.

I find these actions contradictory to the moral principle of doing good things to other people. The principle does not allow one to forbid the public exposure of tattoos or body piercings because it might shock socially conservative people.

It does not allow people to forbid marriages between people of different races or religions, just because some people are not happy with it. The principle does not allow highly socially conservative people to insist that all women in their neighborhoods to wear some attire as a sign of modesty while in public.

There is an argument in the essay that Mr. Adams engages in his weird actions because they relieve him of the stress he experiences. Another point is that he thinks that his behavior is the best technique for relieving stress.

However, in my opinion, Mr. Adams’ nude adventures reveal moral violations. These instances reveal Mr. Adams as a poor example to children. These actions should be dealt with through sensitization of ethical principles to people to desist from engaging in them.

In conclusion, philosophical writing requires the presentation of different arguments to support or dismiss certain premises. Therefore, it is essential to be relevant and precise in explanations to assert the argument. Mr. Adams is an example of contradictions in moral principles.

The Essay About Economics Washington Study

I accept as true that its integrity is the reason inflation has been stable throughout the recovery, then it will nearly certainly extend to do too little and unemployment will finally resolve a natural rate considerably higher than the pre-crisis grade. If, on the other hand, it works out that salary digitizes are mostly to blame for steady inflation, later the economists should actively seek a higher inflation rate in order to boost paid work growth (Washington).

As an economist, I would contend that the reduced pattern relationship between funds and inflation takes a long duration to establish. Although the functional characterization of the transmission mechanism from monetary expansions to price expansion is, still an issue of substantial argument,

I would continue this literature in three dimensions it takes an international viewpoint, with a broader set of nations than in preceding investigations and a longer time sequence, thereby internalizing some promise worldwide transmission channels.

For example, through commodity charges, it encompasses interactions between monetary variables; that is asset costs specifically house charges and inflation. This permits for a channel of transmission that has been in the latest publications.

I find that first, international cash demand shocks sway inflation and global product charges. International product price alarms sway inflation. These findings focus an added international transmission mechanism to inflation, which one-by-one nations cannot control, via product prices. Second, asset or property cost dynamics appear that economies propel them mainly by financing cost alarms at the international grade.

Furthermore, an increase in house price uses a positive advantage on inflation at the global level proposing that an interest rate conduit may work by asset values. Third, there seems to be a limited contradictory connection between public debt and inflation. This connection builds on the idea that increased public liability induces personal demand to fall in a good manner decreasing inflation.

From a principle perspective, there are two deductions. First, from an international viewpoint, the Study suggests acknowledgement of international externalizes of products and asset standards.

Notably large monetary and financial players should identify the significance of their conclusions on global inflation dynamics exactly, by cash growth, obscurely through the effect on commodity charges and on asset/house charges. Second, economists and authorities should monitor genuine property charges closely given their lead relationship for international inflation (Poser, 18).

In conclusion, it is evident that the global financial crisis was a result of demand and supply forces. The recession led to many micro and macroeconomic issues among them unemployment, lowering of people’s living standards, collapse of some businesses and a general reduction in the government earnings. To date some countries are still trying to pick up the pieces after the financial crisis. This makes it difficult for investors to set up shops in such regions because they fear the economies are not yet stable to support their businesses.

The International Economics Study Essay

The main economic issue that Keller discusses in the article is the global recession. Inflation is the persistent increase in costs with no accompanying increases in earnings. This lowers the living conditions of people because the costs are too high to meet with the current money.

The global recession refers to a period of world’s economic slowdown. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) states that there are many factors that determine whether a slowdown qualifies to be a global recession or not, but an economic growth below three percent is equivalent to a global recession.

This article shows the effects of recession to Europe, which is similar to effects in other nations. Apparently, because of the continued recession in Europe, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development slashed the forecast of its economy saying it will probably shrink by 0.6 percent, this year, after another drop of 0.5 percent.

This is clear evidence that the inflation in Europe has made the economy of Europe feeble. The drop is most likely because many investors either pull out or avoid further investments in the euro zone because of fears that their businesses may fail to peak. To them inflation and recession are a threat to their businesses.

Inflation is an issue that closely relates to economic concepts and models such as the concept of supply and demand, price-setting models among other microeconomics concepts. It also relates to macroeconomics concepts such as employment, national and international economy, monetary policies, and international trade.

Inflation relates to microeconomics in that it affects how people satisfy their unending needs with little resources. This closely interlinks with the laws of market demand and supply, which influence the decisions people make monetary decisions.

This is an essential microeconomics concept, which helps people understand what influences their behavior economically. A persistent increase in prices results to people purchasing fewer products.

This is because they simply cannot afford to purchase the same quantities they purchased earlier at a lower price. This affects suppliers and manufacturers who reduce their production because the costs of production are high. At the microeconomics level, the impact is on an individual.

Issues of inflation also relate to microeconomics issues of the flow of money and production resource in the economy. This is how resources move from household (individuals) to the market and then to businesses and later to the labor force before the household gets the ready to use services and goods and vice versa. For the circular flow of resources to occur, the prices should favor all the parties in the economy.

During the recession people, reduced consumption and businesses laid off some workers to cut down the costs. Other business owners decided to halt production with the anticipation of a reduction in the production costs and the cost of raw materials. This only serves to increase inflation and financial crisis since resources are not flowing in the economy as they should be flowing. Through deductive thinking, it flows that inflation relates to micro economic concepts and models.

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