Think About Argument Assignment Essay


Argumentative or philosophical writing has a distinction from other frames of writings. It is a peculiar form of writing that is different from other courses of assignments. It has a structure that should be followed to achieve a good argumentative prose.

In my opinion, one moral principle that disallows Mr. Adams’ decision is the principle of causing no harm to other people. Mr. Adams is using his nude adventures to remedy his stress problems. However, he sets a poor example to children and runs around nude. Another point is that he enjoys wild sex on the Sky train, disrupts Mrs. Skippy’s funeral and wears offensive t-shirts. In addition, he makes jokes about rape.

I find these actions contradictory to the moral principle of doing good things to other people. The principle does not allow one to forbid the public exposure of tattoos or body piercings because it might shock socially conservative people.

It does not allow people to forbid marriages between people of different races or religions, just because some people are not happy with it. The principle does not allow highly socially conservative people to insist that all women in their neighborhoods to wear some attire as a sign of modesty while in public.

There is an argument in the essay that Mr. Adams engages in his weird actions because they relieve him of the stress he experiences. Another point is that he thinks that his behavior is the best technique for relieving stress.

However, in my opinion, Mr. Adams’ nude adventures reveal moral violations. These instances reveal Mr. Adams as a poor example to children. These actions should be dealt with through sensitization of ethical principles to people to desist from engaging in them.

In conclusion, philosophical writing requires the presentation of different arguments to support or dismiss certain premises. Therefore, it is essential to be relevant and precise in explanations to assert the argument. Mr. Adams is an example of contradictions in moral principles.

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