Higher Education in Spanish School


High school Spanish student’s have a great desire to connect language to a real purpose! In this unique high school summer experience discovering that purpose is as rewarding as it is fun. Through trust, family traditions and youth dynamics, students gain the Spanish skills and confidence they need to interact in all aspects of community life. This shared experience with local youth at the community level is an empowering language experience that will forever impact their view of the world and their future in it. Their high school Spanish teachers continually tell us how our returning students are the leaders in the classroom, not just in speaking but also in teaching other students about culture and life in the Americas. Today’s America needs bilingual leaders who excel in new cultures!

What makes our program different?

We combine a great adventure with a powerful learning experience.

We emphasize real language immersion at the community level.

We provide leadership opportunities that contribute to local youth and children.

We believe in personal attention and comfortable group size, allowing students an up-close, dynamic experience with local culture.

We strive to balance structure, supervision and freedom – allowing students to have choices but never compromising safety, organization, or quality of the community experience.

We hire the best local staff – experienced, caring, energetic and fun. We recruit talented teachers and dedicated community leaders.

We offer affordable, all-inclusive fees covering “chaperoned” round-trip airfare, bilingual support and supervision, all in-country transportation, travel and medical insurance, program doctor, home-stay lodging and meals, youth -kids exchange, unforgettable group excursions, Latin music and dance, tutoring and cultural workshops; there are no hidden fees or surprises.

Student benefits

Greater confidence in Spanish and themselves.

New friendships in a new community.

Pride in meeting a challenge.

A new outlook towards language and culture.

A new perspective on their future.

A new appreciation for their educational opportunities.

Each four week program is high school appropriately structured and supervised.

The program requires active participation in a spirit of cooperation.

Students develop valuable skills in language, culture, personal awareness and responsibility.

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