Pan World University Creating a Difference in Distance Learning and Job Winning Resume


Distance learning had its beginning at the top of the nineteenth century in Britain, in the university, for professionally trained workers. Later, the initiative was taken to other countries of the world in the process of modernism and in order to cover the lack of technical experts in various fields.

There are different online universities putting their contribution to further spread this formula of education across all levels of the society. Pan world University is ranked as one of the top contributor in these efforts, delivering high quality education to working adults and making quality education accessible to them in an affordable manner.

Pan world University is a fully accredited online university, which is maintaining educational standards of highest level since years. It has come out as an alternative to classroom training and working hard to address the educational deficiencies posed a society in constant progress.

Since this mode of education is gaining popularity among masses. More people are inclined towards Pan World University. More than 30 million students worldwide have chosen this method of teaching and learning. Pan world University provides a variety of degree programs with diversified list of majors which gives students an opportunity to choose the career they want.

Recipients of distance education at Pan World University:

Pan world University gives an opportunity for all those individuals who for personal, social, geographical or other reasons cannot access education through traditional method. It also facilitates access to various courses for those who carry out other studies, work or have little time.

Resume is considered as your written representation before your actually enter the corporate world. The objective of your resume should be to tell the employers what you are looking for in your next job. It should be more goal oriented with a career target headline and a value-oriented profile, ensures that employers know that you can meet their needs.

Pan world University aims to develop students in a way that fulfills their ambitions and help them to get their desired jobs. Career center at Pan World University help their students in formulating a job winning cover letter & resume. Students are required to follow a simple process and they can get their job winning resume.

  1. Students are required to provide their current resume, mentioning their career level at present.
  2. Expert professional writers will assess their current resume, and then after analyzing their career goals they will start working on it, according to the details provided.
  3. After the completion of resume or cover letter writing, the updated documents will be send to the students within 3 working days and if the students need it on urgent basis then they can ask their counselor and he will answer to their request, if possible.
  4. Incas if the student is not satisfied with his/her final resume or cover letter and need to change something on it, than he/she can use the “post revision option” and Pan world’s consultants will revise it for them-again, free of cost.

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