Study Abroad Mentors Needed Reflections on Gone International

UK students who studied abroad have an average 6% higher starting salary, 28% lower unemployment rate six months after graduation, and a 9% higher chance of earning a first class or upper second degree, according to this year’s Gone International report by the UK Higher Education International Unit. Yet, very few students participate in study abroad. They […]

The Best Places to Study Abroad for Academic Language Proficiency Have

If you’re aiming to improve your foreign academic language proficiency, I’m going to assume you have your motivation handled. What you need most is a program that’s going to provide you with the opportunities to improve. Here are some of the best things to look for. DEPTH OF SPECIFIC LANGUAGE COURSES Small, skill-focused courses, such […]

The Education Abroad Network Sustainable Development in Southeast Asia

This multi-disciplinary program works in two separate modules, integrating the social science disciplines of geography, sociology, political science, economics and law with natural science, as well as examining a general survey of Thai culture and society. Students will formally undertake two courses, or modules, taught by faculty from Chang Mai’s PayPal University. The first module, […]

The Foundation Course an Introduction to Ireland in Study Abroad

Making the most of your semester abroad in Ireland requires a basic knowledge of the country and its people.  To best serve you, DBS is pleased to offer the Foundation Course, a comprehensive program that introduces Irish politics, history, literature, and culture. It is further enhanced by field trips, usually to Belfast and the Abram […]