The Foundation Course an Introduction to Ireland in Study Abroad


Making the most of your semester abroad in Ireland requires a basic knowledge of the country and its people.  To best serve you, DBS is pleased to offer the Foundation Course, a comprehensive program that introduces Irish politics, history, literature, and culture. It is further enhanced by field trips, usually to Belfast and the Abram Islands, along with other historical sites that bring the coursework to life.

Presented during the first four weeks of your semester abroad, the Foundation course is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with all that is Ireland.

Elective Courses

A hallmark of DBS is its student centered-approach to teaching and its level of academic innovation, not found in more traditional Irish universities. DBS stresses sound teaching, individual attention and helps cultivate personal independence.

DBS offers business and liberal arts courses. You can select your courses for spring and fall from the Course Catalog below.

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Upon choosing your preferred courses, we strongly suggest making a final course selection (include 1-2 alternates) with your academic and study abroad advisors prior to departure. Please include your list of pre-approved courses along with your completed application.

Academic Staff

The academic and professorial staff at DBS is composed of student-oriented professors who are conscious of your needs and aspirations. They know that no two students are alike, and place emphasis on the development of the student from an individual perspective.

Resident Director

Our full-time, on-site Resident Director (RD) is both an academic and administrative coordinator at D BS who will assist you in making a smooth transition from living and studying in the U.S. to living and studying in Dublin. The RD also will also help you with questions related to accommodations, classes, transportation and navigating your new culture.

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