In Special Education Assessment for Learning

Assessment comes in many shapes and sizes. Just about everything a teacher does in class to determine and shape the progress of her students is considered assessment. A teacher can observe students and take notes on their learning. She may record how many words a student reads correctly in a minute and record every incorrect […]

In Special Education Accessible Books and Periodicals Readers With Print Disabilities for Children’s

Passive Technology: High Tech Generally we think of the computer when we think of high tech passive technology. Technology offers a great many benefits to individuals with special needs who find specific types of tasks difficult to accomplish. High technological or high tech devices offer individuals access to information technology through hardware, software, and peripherals. […]

The Understanding Test Scores for Children’s in Spacial Education

Test scores provide an estimate of your child’s performance in the area measured by the test. So, if the test purports to measure spelling, the test score will give you an estimate of your child’s performance (on that test) in spelling. The accuracy of your child’s score on that test depends on many factors including the child’s […]

The Reading Assessment and Treatment for Children’s in Spacial Education

There are many types of reading assessments. Informally, many teachers design their own reading tests to determine how their students are performing in areas related to the classroom curriculum. A teacher may design a test each week to measure her students’ recall or recognition of words (such as Dolce Words) used in the stories they are […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Special Education Services

Frequently Asked Questions Being a parent of a special education child I know firsthand that there are so many different questions that will arise both before the child enters special education, during their special education and I am positive there will be questions after the child leaves special education. Here are a few of the […]