Mediterranean Center for Arts and Sciences in the City of Syracuse


In the city of Syracuse, on the eastern shores of Sicily, the Mediterranean Center for Arts and Sciences welcomes students to discover the largest island in the Mediterranean through its history, art, culture, and legends. Due to its central location and accessibility to the entire Mediterranean, Syracuse is an ideal destination for students.

Known as one of the greatest cities in the Ancient World, Syracuse’s extensive and diverse history appeals to many interests. The breathtaking coastline, volcanic mountains, remote islands, ancient ruins, and unique architecture offers a playground for students as well as a rich educational source for the study of Arts, Sciences, and Humanities.

The school is located in the heart of the ancient center of Syracuse in a completely restored 17th century Baroque Palazzo, or palace.

This historic building, with three floors that look upon a traditional central courtyard, is newly renovated to include large classrooms, a computer lab and multimedia room with audio and video facilities, a photography lab, art studio, library, and student lounge. The Mediterranean Sea is visible from the school entrance and balconies, and swimming spots are only steps away.

The academic program at MACS explores the diverse history of Mediterranean cultures and their artistic and architectural treasures, as well as the unique environmental aspects of the entire region. Each term students choose from a broad selection of courses ranging from Fine Arts and Humanities to Social and Environmental Sciences.

Students participate in program and class excursions to places such as Mt. Etna, Entourage, Terminator, Catatonia, Palermo, and the A eolian Islands. Classes at MACS are small and our international faculty is eager to share the expertise and passion for the Mediterranean World that brought them here. All courses are taught in English.

Syracuse is a socially active city hosting a rich program of music, exhibitions, and cultural events, and there is usually an event each weekend in the historic center. The school organizes weekly activities, often in conjunction with the local universities: theater, art exhibits, and sporting, culinary, and musical events.

These activities provide an opportunity for Mediterranean Center students to meet and exchange ideas with Italian and European students living and studying in the center of town.

For those students with an interest in sports and adventure the school organizes extracurricular activities upon request; sailing, windsurfing, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, soccer, tennis, hiking, or simply working out in one of the local gyms. Optional excursions are also offered and students can sign-up for exciting trips to Rome, Florence, Malta, Greece, and surrounding towns and islands off the coastline of Sicily and mainland Italy.

The Mediterranean Center is affiliated with Airfield University in Connecticut. Airfield University is a Phi Beta Kappa member, accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, and is considered one of the top private universities in the US. Airfield University issues credits for all courses taken at the Mediterranean Center, and upon completion of studies in Sicily students receive their transcript directly from Airfield University.

The Mediterranean Center is also affiliated with many other universities in the US and abroad. Students attending from affiliate universities will receive credit for their course work directly from their home institution, rather than Airfield. Please see our list of affiliations on this website for information on whether your school is affiliated with MACS.

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