Why Soul Collages for All Students


Connection with your soul

An image says more than a thousand words. An image speaks to your soul; your soul is your inner drive and thus translates into your daily life.

Creating a collage

When I create a personal collage, it is created intuitively. I am guided by my inner capacity, I tune in to the energy of the person and / or the situation that requires it and then the rest of the process goes as it were ‘naturally’.

I know which magazines I have to pick from the stack, while browsing I am led to the images and after that a composition is made. Then comes cutting and pasting, sometimes searching for just that last picture to complete it. And possibly varnishes to make the collage waterproof, as needed for an exhibition outside.


When the collage is ready, I ‘translate’ what I see before, and put the energy into words. This way you can see the meaning I have given to every collage I have posted on this blog.
What does the energy look like? How can you connect to that to better understand normal life? What is the potential for the future?


When viewing the collage, he speaks to your soul. An image says more than a thousand words and your soul understands the energy. The more you look at it, the more it affects your life. Your sense of clarity about your life direction increases and something is set in motion that you can use to continue.

Existing images have been placed in a different context, which also puts the situation in a different context. You now look at it from above, and see the possibilities that the situation offers.

New time

This new time requires us to create a powerful base on Earth on which the new energies can settle. We are starting to live more and more from a higher vision and align ourselves with our own heart. We come to our own strength. Right through fear, pain and cramping we find our own possibilities again. A new time, a new birth we begin to place our power of being in the world and to bring out our inner light.

If I can help you with a collage, I will do it with love.

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