Why Do Only Review the Best Essay Writing Services


Our reviewing team makes orders with different writing services every month, but some of them do not make the grade. When we update our website, we only include details of the best essay writing services.

We are not here to promote (in any way) the type of cheap essay writing service that doesn’t give good value for money, or that uses a poorly educated essay writer. We are not here to give a bigger Internet presence to scammers or companies that mistreat their student customers. We check and review plenty of terrible companies, but we do not write reviews about them, and in many cases they are out of business within a few months anyway.

Do we review specific essay writers?

We do not review freelancers because their reputation is often difficult to track, and they cannot handle the work of many students. There are numerous essay writers within the paper writing services that we review, but we review the companies themselves and not their specific writers. When a student approaches a certain writing company and says, “Write my essay” they are getting the work of a company and not of a single writer.

Who are we and why are we reviewing writing services?

When students say, “Write my essay paper” to an essay writing service, they are putting themselves at risk of being caught by their professors or scammed by the writing company. We want to make it so that students can say, “Write my essay for me” to an essay writing service and get a good value service in return.

We are a team of independent reviewers that do not pay for reviews and are not paid for reviews. We ask that the essay writing companies write my paper in the same way that students say write my paper for me. When we find a good paper writing service, we review their paper writing, pricing and so forth.

We do take comments from the student community. If you are a student and have had a good or bad experience with a custom essay service, then let us know how it went and what happened. We may even incorporate your comments into our existing reviews to give students a fuller view of the custom essay writing world as we know it.

Why do students need reviews of custom writing services?

The custom paper writing industry is the same as any other in that you have good eggs and bad eggs. There are some companies that are selling unique custom essays and some that are re-selling essays or plagiarizing. At top quality’s essays, we hope to identify the good and weed out the bad.

One assumes that if you are going to use an essay writing service, then you are going to hand in their work as your own. This is a fine thing to do so long as you are not caught. If you are a caught, then you may be expelled and your student debt will be useless.

If the writing company sends you a plagiarized piece or an essay that is terrible, it will reflect badly on you and get you in trouble. Use our review service, and you can see which currently best writing companies in business are so you are able to make a sound and sensible choice as to which company you should use.

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