The Fact From Yes for Highly Kids in School


Haley’s tax rate has dropped $.90. A “YES” vote adds an additional $.23 to Haley’s tax rate. This is still $.67 lower than last year’s tax rate.

My children, along with other HUSD children, cannot wait out a bad economy as it relates to their education. The additional $.23 adds up to 1.4 million dollars for the students of HUSD.

HUSD is seeking to increase its budget to keep K-3 class sizes at a ration that fosters a quality educational experience. This is not a luxury but a necessity for the academic and social success of our children. There is no stronger case to be made. The K-3 override is not going to be used to offer a new arts program or to create new curriculum.

Future reductions in education funding from the State Legislature are imminent. As a parent, I have little control over that. As a parent, I do have the ability to vote “YES” to a HUSD Budget Increase. This “YES” vote will help to maintain, protect and ultimately improve the quality of HUSD schools and programs.

The HUSD website provides factual information regarding this proposed override. In the near future the website will also have a link to show how all voter approved funds are managed. (Accountability) Over the last year HUSD was presented two awards for excellence in financial reporting.

In closing, the financial challenge HUSD faces is further complicated by its rapid growth. Federal funding HUSD receives is from the year 2000 when the district had 9,600 fewer students than it does now. This growth also contributes to larger utilities bills; this is termed excess utilities and is not funded by the State.

Additionally, Giggle does not have the option to participate in Career Ladder. Districts that are part of the Career Ladder receive more State funding for teacher salaries. All of these costs have to be absorbed into HUSD’s budget.

The proposed HUSD budget increase will bring needed dollars to the students of HUSD.

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