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Harvard awards 5 scholarships for journalistic research in the United States

The Harvard Knight Visiting Nieman program offers a stay of up to three months in the United States to develop a journalistic investigation as discussed by UK coursework writing service.

With the support of the Knight Foundation, the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University offers a minimum of 5 places for the Knight Visiting Nieman Scholarship Program, which offers the possibility of short research stays that promote somehow the journalistic innovation, either through design, programming or financial strategies. The beneficiaries will make a stay during 2017 of up to three months in the foundation Nieman in the United States, with the purpose of developing projects that contribute to the future journalistic. The candidate is not required to serve as a journalist, But whether it is necessary to demonstrate how their work contributes to journalistic activity. Entries close on October 14.

The program focuses on the development of short-term research to advance quality journalistic innovation. The stay at the Nieman Foundation in Cambridge (Massachusetts state city in the United States) will last from a few weeks to three months, depending on the nature of the research.

The projects must be completed within the time the trainee remains in the Nieman foundation or part of a longer process, but in both cases, the findings will be presented to the community when the research period ends.

To develop their project, fellows will access the resources of Harvard University and the city of Cambridge, including local scholars, research centers, and libraries.
Who is this scholarship addressed to?

Knight Visiting Nieman is primarily aimed at journalists, but journalists, programmers, designers, media analysts, academics and anyone with an open mind are encouraged to improve the quality of journalism by building new business models or creating programs Special.

While there are no academic requirements and applicants do not need to hold a college degree, they must demonstrate how their work at the Nieman and Harvard University Foundation will enhance the future of journalism.
How to Apply for Research Journalism Scholarships

It is necessary to complete an online application on the Nieman Foundation page, detailing biographical information, the project proposal and attaching a resume. Accurate data on how to apply will be available in August, and those interested in applying can register here to be notified when the application process opens. October 14 will be the closing date for this call.

For more information about Knight Visiting Nieman scholarships and how to apply, visit the official website or contact the Nieman Foundation’s administrator, Nicole Arias:  nicole_arias@harvard.edu.

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