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5 websites to make money as a freelance editor

Earn extra money by generating content for the web. Keep reading and know how! At Coursework Writing Service, we know students are trying hard to meet both ends meet. This service is not for professionals, it is for students doing jobs sometimes two jobs to pay the bills.

Becoming a freelance copywriter, whether to devote yourself completely to the task or supplement the income you currently get, has never been so easy. Every minute you create new web pages eager to get new and original content, something you can offer from the comfort of your home.

Whether by click, word or article, receiving money for writing on any subject is possible. Here are 5 websites where you can get money for your freelance copywriting job:


  1. Morning Coffee Newsletter

Just by registering your email address, you can receive a weekly compendium of job offers for writers and online publishers, as well as their rates, which will save you a lot of time to search.


  1. Infobarrel

It is a site that offers the possibility of offering income by generating all kinds of articles for the web. These revenues are “passive” because you will be charged for every Google Adsense click generated on the content. Therefore, the amount of money obtained will depend on how many articles you write and your number of visits.


  1. Textbroker

Textbroker is a platform with 10 years of existence, which many clients use to buy quality texts and various themes. If you register as the author on the site, after submitting a registration text from which to evaluate your skills, you will begin to receive commissions in which you work alone or as a team.


  1. Freelance Writting Gigs

Do you know how to write in English? This site increases the chances of finding a job offer as a freelance copywriter, as it compiles classified ads of these characteristics from the United States.


  1. Projectlinkr

This site allows you to find thousands of job postings for freelancers of all kinds, so you can easily register as an editor and find the offers that best suit your needs.

When accepting a job as a freelance copywriter, remember to check the quality and credibility of the offer and do not accept too low rates that detract from your work. With patience, practice, and perseverance, the best customers will arrive.



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