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4 underlining techniques

4 underlining techniques

Learn to study using the underlining technique that best suits you to retain relevant information in a text and facilitate rereading

The underlining method for studying printed texts presents various techniques that will help you facilitate review and retention when you must take a test or make an oral presentation. It is ideal forGet involved with the material From his first reading, to concentrate on what the author communicates and re-study it later . The University of Minnesota in the United States, created a document that explains 4 underlining techniques to choose the one that best fits your personality Choose yours!

Considerations when emphasizing a text

Regardless of the underline technique you use, read the entire paragraph before marking what you consider relevant. You will have a more precise idea about what you need to underline and what you do not. The key is to determine the statement that expresses the central idea of the paragraph and what important details complement that core aspect. The central idea reflects the general thinking discussed in the paragraph, while the details provide examples, support, explain or extend the idea.

Underline Techniques

1 . Complete Thought

Highlights all the words that constitute an important support for the main idea of the paragraph, as many think necessary and avoids mark those that do not contribute to the central concept . The text indicated will include explanatory sections that convey a clear idea. For example, you can mark the first complete statement but only part of the second because the focus was there.

The advantage of this method of underlining is that it takes little time since it only requires marking a large number of words in key utterances. It is simple to execute although more terms are highlighted than by applying other techniques, which means more effort when you need to revise it later .
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  1. Incomplete thinking

Mark the parts of the statements that contain a main idea or a detail of irreplaceable support , trying to highlight only the sector that conveys the central concept precisely . It discourages the temptation to underline a complete statement to generate the summary effect in each statement. The marked sectors indicate that there are key concepts or ideas that we must understand andBeing able to develop, therefore, will depend on your ability to remember the rest of the text, that which was not chosen as transcendental.

Incomplete thinking has the advantage of lending itself to recitation when you review it , an ideal method for conducting a self-assessment of questions and answers. It will be easy to check the answers to your own formulations because they will be explicitly marked, as well as create signals in the memory for examination interrogations. However, the review  will take considerable time as there will be many words to reprocess.

  1. Underline type telegram

Concentrate on the  essence of each statement , emphasizing only  one fundamental idea and the essential support . The method  avoids redundancies or words that can be avoided  because they do not alter medullary meanings, such as an article or a preposition. In this way, the  underlined terms will configure a kind of telegram  to abbreviate the important thing.

It is a technique that  personalizes writing due to the choice of words that are emphasized, making it  more friendly and short for a rereading  of quick comprehension. In addition, the review ends with a smaller number of underlined conceptual words that will facilitate its incorporation. However, it  does take quite some time to discriminate the relevant  and when reading it again may seem more difficult because there are missing terms.

  1. Custom Signage

It can be used as a technique in itself or as a complement to the first three methods. The main ideas and supporting details will be distinguished by applying symbols such as asterisks, lines, double underlining, colors or the element that you consider more practical. A double underline could refer to a main idea and an asterisk, its explanation. The same thing happens with the colors, each one will have a special meaning. Remember to always apply the same symbols or colors to facilitate the process in all texts. Coursework help also agrees to this!

Its advantage is that once the code is generated , you automate the practice to speed up underlining and revision . It helps concentration because it highlights details that will be complemented with your memory , forcing you to use the material to check the accuracy of your answers. It is a technique that requires an initial effort greater than other methods , so you must decide if the time-benefit investment relationship is convenient for you.

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